film soup with lomography

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Lomography USA for a feature on film soup! I’ve been shooting lomo film since high school and in the early days of the internet Lomography’s blog was the go-to for finding tips and tricks from other film shooters. In short, they rule. We talked about why I prefer film, my process for soaking film, and how experimenting with film soup helped me deal with all the uncertainties of quarantine. 

They sent me three rolls of film and I spent a few weeks shooting landscapes and self-portraits in and around Arcata, California on the northern coast. Check out the interview here.

Bleu Tripp

35mm photos of Karlie and Elliott at Fontaine Bleu State Park on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain - taken on a pentax k1000 with Kodak Gold 200 film, soaked in moon blood & coffee, and self-developed and scanned at home with Cinestill’s C41 developer kit.

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